Member Services


Membership Includes:

Ongoing Primary Care Services

All procedures that I perform

Access to your physician during and after office hours as needed via face to face appointments, video appointments, phone calls, e-mails, texts, resulting in more continuous care

Discounts on medications, imaging studies and labs

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) sessions  at the discounted price of $75/session 

One discounted yoga therapy session with Shawn Holtel for $25

Ongoing Primary Care Services Including the following examples :

Wellness exams

Follow up visits for chronic medical conditions

Urgent visits for new concerns

Health coaching


Procedures (the only cost of procedures is the cost of equipment that cannot be reused) including the following examples:


Skin lesion excision

Skin biopsy*


Ingrown toenail removal


Wart treatment


Joint injection

Skin tag removal

Trigger point injection

3 sessions of Osteopathic Manipulative treatment (if you prefer more, you can purchase a la carte)

*pathology specimens sent  to evaluate for cancer or determine the cause of a rash will be billed a fee from the pathologist.  You can use your insurance or pay the cash price, estimated to be approximately $50.