Carpenter Family Care

Dr. Amy Joyce Glaser-Carpenter D.O.

981 State Route 46, Suite A, Batesville, IN 47006

Member Pricing

Children age 0-18 (with an adult membership)              $15/month 

Age 19-25 (with another adult membership)                  $25/month

Age 0-25  (without adult membership)                           $35/month                               

Age 26-40                                                    $55/month   

Age 41+                                                          $75/month



There is a $50 one time joining fee per family.

Members will be charged monthly. 

You may discontinue your membership at any time.

If you decide to discontinue your membership at our first meeting, you will be reimbursed for any payments you have made.

If you have discontinued and decide to rejoin, there is a $200 rejoining fee.