What are the patients saying?



"Dr. Amy has helped with my son's health issues. She spent time with us discussing his history, reviewing his charts, researching his disease and finding ways to improve his mobility and overall health. Being able to stay in contact, receiving feedback, having prescriptions filled quickly has been so helpful. Her dedication and kindness have helped tremendously. This is a relationship better than any doctor/patient relationship I could have ever hoped for. So glad to have this type of practice locally. "




"I have never experienced a doctor who is so much more than a doctor. Never have I been more than a face and number to someone in the health care industry. Amy has been a life line to me. From the first phone call, that lasted 20 minutes, to my current care. Not only has she assisted me with low cost blood work and health care needs she has contacted me to see how I am doing through text and emails.   She has sent me information to further my knowledge on specific topics and answered messages on her days off and while on vacation.  She has been more than effective when scheduling appointments that fit my schedule.  She even came to her office on one of her days off to see my son. Amy is more than a doctor, she is a friend and I appreciate the way she has helped me get my health back without being more in debt financially. Her low cost health care is optimal. " 

-Nancy Peters

"At first, direct primary care seemed like a neat idea, but I had no experience with it. Now, I'm convinced it is both effective and convenient - especially when working with Dr. Amy Glaser-Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter is a thoughtful listener, an inquisitive practitioner, and a compassionate person. She is open to implementing both traditional and alternative practices, depending upon a patient's needs. With Dr. Carpenter, I truly feel valued as a patient and person."

- Member from Versailles

"My experience at Carpenter Family Care has been great! Dr. Glaser-Carpenter provides a calming, genuine, and laid-back atmosphere which has taken the cold and impersonal aspect out of my healthcare. On top of the relaxed visit, I was given a variety of treatment options that I may not have learned about otherwise." 

-Emma Enneking

"To date I have been nothing but amazed by my overall experience with Carpenter Family Care! Dr. Glaser-Carpenter has always given me her undivided time and attention and answers all the questions one may have, even if it is about a different health concern. I also greatly appreciate that options are given, I am not told this is the fix, Amy shares a few treatment options and explains the pros/cons of each one and assists you in making the best plan to meet your personal needs. No only that, the cost is so reasonable and there is never a question about how much it will be when I arrive; I already know."

-Kim Linkel



"I have desperately searched for a better healthcare model - Dr Amy Glaser Carpenter offers that option. The monthly charge is so reasonable for her availability and time she spends with me to maintain my optimal wellness. Her model of healthcare service includes a wellness program of exercise and nutrition counseling; community discussions; and discounts for services like blood tests.

Dr Amy Glaser Carpenter is a pioneer in our community offering a better healthcare model, sharing her time and expertise in a changing field of medicine and providing affordable medical services."

-Lynn Mitrovich

Self - Employed

"I've only been a patient at Carpenter Family Care for a little over a month now, but I have received more personal care from Dr. Carpenter than any other doctor I have ever been to in my life. I became a member at a time in my life where I had been struggling with multiple ...(medical symptoms)  had been in and out of doctors offices over and over again, without feeling like they had really seen my whole person- that we are physical, spiritual and emotional- and if we are suffering in one of those areas, it will effect the others.  Since seeing Dr. Carpenter, I have experienced a great amount of healing, both physically and emotionally, because Dr. Carpenter deeply cares for each of her patients, and she seems more than willing to dig deep to get to the root of illnesses. ...I feel confident that working with Dr. Carpenter will guide me on my path to becoming the very best version of myself!

-Hilary Barry

"Carpenter Family Care is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a doctor.  I’ve been doing research and reading on alternative healthcare options that aren’t offered in a typical doctor’s office, and Dr. Carpenter’s direct patient care is the perfect fit for me.  She is not rushed during appointments and has the time to really listen to my concerns and needs. I appreciate the focus on personal diet and lifestyle choices to treat and prevent any health issues that might come up.  I feel it’s very important for a doctor to form a partnership with the patient and work one on one with them in their journey of a healthy life, and this is what Dr. Carpenter has offered me."

-Wendi Mohr